The Grandmothers

The Grandmothers"These women are a generation of giants."
Shane O’Neill, Photographer

In My Grandmother’s Kitchen® you will discover the delicious recipes of 19 wonderful grandmothers’ from different cultures, backgrounds and countries around the world, with your grandmother making number 20.

They share with us the secrets for food and wisdom that has nourished their families for a lifetime, through good times and bad.

Traversing cuisines of the world from the USA and Ghana to the wild Outer Hebrides of Scotland - from Australia, Vietnam, Ukraine and Greece to China and India, the book charts the lives of these extraordinary women and reminds us what’s truly important in life.

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‘The women in this book have humbled us. For all they have achieved, everything that they have lived through, the beliefs they have upheld and the lasting impact they have had in those around them – each one is an inspiration.’

Laura and Claire


Opportunity International

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